Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vote Twice, Nobody'll Notice

A Democrat victory in the elections doesn't suddenly make them smart and sane.  Democrats/Liberals are still insane by definition.  They act that way.  As they say, the inmates are running the institution.  And President Obama won re-election yesterday---sort of.  It's hard to acknowledge or congratulate any Democrat for winning because of the way they usually do it: lying; vicious advertising; misrepresenting the opponent; racism [voting for Obama because he's black]; intimidation [Black Panthers]; fraud; voting dead people; voting multiple times; hats and murals of Obama in the polling rooms.  These types of voting fraud have been the hallmark of Democrats for decades.  It's a reason why they keep attacking voter ID laws.  No state with voter ID laws went to the Democrat side.  They had honest results there.  The Democrats just worry about having a cheating door closed on them. 

Now, don't take these just for sour grapes.  These comments are based in reality---provable if Obama voters had taken the time to understand them.  America is at a crossroads, and it took the wrong turn.  I worry that our economy society, and yes our very survival is not guaranteed or protected anymore.  The public deficit and debt is beyond our ability to pay, and Obama has no ideas other than to increase both, spend money, raise taxes, go on vacation, and play golf.  Get ready for Sandy every day in many parts of the Country.  Those strange pc items you see in the news periodically detailing ridiculous activities will soon become the norm.

Our Country has shot itself in the foot.  The work of the Founding Fathers, and the lives lost over the years protecting our society, our god-given rights, and our lives and liberty have all gone for naught.  We've thrown it all away for cell phones and other free stuff from that guy in the White House.  Is this why I spent five years in the Navy helping to protect our collective America?  I didn't think so then and I don't think so now.

As one pundit has said, America is dark on election night.  I agree.  The chance of saving the Country is now so slim as to be disregarded.  With Obama the incompetent socialist/Muslim leading the charge, the economy will continue to deteriorate, our military will continue to be cut, our freedoms will erode, and Big Sis and her cohorts will come knocking on more and more doors, the takers in the Country will continue to multiply with welfare programs unending, unemployment will rise, abortions will continue with abandon, Obama will force the taxpayers to supply the Sandra Fluke's of the Country with free birth control, Social Security and Medicare will continue to deteriorate as the Liberals raise the payments regularly, Obamacare will ruin our Medical System.  the Muslim influence will increase, the southern invasion will continue, the UN will become more and more involved in our daily lives, and the Supreme Court will have more little Obamas to further destroy the Constitution.  I hope I'm wrong.  But, I don't think so.

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