Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Couch Potatoes the Size of Elephants!

*According to Breitbart on August 6, the ubiquitous 'scientists' discovered that "Genetic sequencing of sea sponges from the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef showed the ancient marine animal shared many of its genes with humans, including a large number typically associated with disease and cancer." So, now we're connected with sea sponges? Is that why we 'squeeze' one another? Is that the source of our 'sponging' off our parents? How about 'You're my main sponge, darling.' Just 'sponge' it off your father, son.'

*Listen to all those insurance advertisements on TV. 'Life Insurance at affordable rates' that will never go up---due to age. That simply means that their are many reasons to raise your rates, just not age. I don't find that comforting at all. If it misleads in the commercial, how can I trust the company to actually pay out the insurance I think I'm buying?

*It's time now to fire all food stylists. And a law should be passed requiring food ads, articles and programs to actually show the real food---especially in TV ads. There's nothing worse in cooking than comparing your result to an ideal picture---no matter how good a cook you are. It never can equal it, can it? But at least you can eat yours. Stylists make most food inedible.

*Winky Dink from the 1950s, had a plastic screen for the TV face for interactive efforts during the Winky Dink Show. It states clearly on the box: 'Get off your couch potatoes!' So the term couch potato has been around a long time---and with pretty much the same meaning. This was also the time of 'Mr Potato Head.' A connection?

*Doesn't anyone understand that when you put too high a value on something [overpricing] it won't sell? According to news reports, a couple spent $1,500 in 1978 for their cemetery plots. Why do they think they can sell the plots for $4000 in today's economic climate? Who told them that was the market price? If the plots won't sell at $4,000, the owners simply don't know the market price. Why do they think grave plots could increase 267% in value in the 22 years since they bought them? Not everything goes up in value over time, you know. If they had died and been buried before this year, would the plots still be worth $4,000? Probably not. More like $zero. Even if you dig the bodies up and throw them in a dumpster, you could never get the smell out of the grave.

*We should recognize and accept legally the measuring system we've had in place for many years. I call it the 'Place and Symbol System.' First we have the 'peanut', measuring small. 'Hey there peanut! When are you going to grow?' Second is the 'golf ball,' a medical measurement. 'His tumor was the size of a golf ball!' [Dimples and all?] Third the walnut is the same type of medical term. 'Her tumor was the size of a walnut with all the wrinkles!' Fourth, a 'baseball,' is another medical term. 'His tumor was the size of a baseball, stitching and all!' 'His fastballs came at the plate pill size! That's why I couldn't hit them!'

Fifth, we have a city bus. 'The rock on the roadway was the size of a city bus!' Sixth, we have an Elephant. 'This machine part is the size of an Elephant and weighs twice as much!' Seventh is a football field. 'His car could race the length of a football field in .0009 seconds.' The size of the fire was about that of six football fields. Eighth is an Olympic swimming pool. 'That puddle is the size of an Olympic swimming pool!' Then we have the Empire State Building. 'This tower is as tall as 2 Empire State Buildings, one on top of the other.' We also have the States of the Union. 'His farm was the size of Rhode Island!'

For larger sizes we have the circumference of the Earth [about 25,000 miles.] "They make enough candy bars every day to circle the Earth 2.6 times!' And finally we have the distance between the Earth and the Moon [about 236,121 miles.] 'His administration spent enough dollars to stretch from here to the Moon four times!'

This system is a visual one, and it has more substance than the typical inches, feet, yards, miles, etc. There are many other candidates for this system, including megaton, the Amazon River or basin, the Sun, Jupiter, distance to Pluto, etc. But, we can officially add them as they gain popularity with other than the self-promoting scientists.

*There is one, substantial reason for cremation of our bodies. Future archaeologists can't dig up, examine, and set out for scientific viewing any of our bodies that have been cremated, can they? Rest in peace.