Monday, July 04, 2011

Carmina and the Vonage Commercial

*So many commercials and movies today are using Carl Orff's music 'Carmina Burana' these days, that one would assume it's modern. It isn't. According to Wikipedia: "Carmina Burana..., Latin for 'Songs from Beuern' ..., is the name given to a manuscript of 254 poems and dramatic texts from the 11th or 12th century, although some are from the 13th century. The pieces were written almost entirely in Medieval Latin; a few in Middle High German, and some with traces of Old French or Proven├žal. Carl Orff 1895-1982
Many are macaronic, a mixture of Latin and German or French vernacular...Between 1935 and 1936, German composer Carl Orff set 24 of the poems to new music, also called Carmina Burana." --- From my study of other sources, I know this to be correct. This music, complete with eerie voices, is what has been used in numerous commercials and movies where they want a grand or eerily majestic aura around their words. Selections from the Carmina Burana include: O FORTUNA [Oh Fortune]; FORTUNAE PLANGO VULNERA [I Mourn the Blows of Fortune]; VERIS LAETA FACIES [A Spring Song]; and OMNIA SOL TEMPERATA [the Sun Pure and Gentle]; among others. Enjoy!

*I must be losing my hearing. The other day, in watching a commercial on TV, I thought I heard "Hi! I'm a T-Mobile Orgy!" After several times watching the commercial, I realized that the statement was "Hi! I'm a T-Mobile 4G." I always thought my hearing was pretty good until a few years ago when I heard a commercial with music "...I believe in mail call..." Later I found out it was "I believe in miracles." Modern musicians and advertisers pick lousy spokesmen. They elide too much, and they mispronounce words all over the place. And this is progress?

*Speaking of ads. I saw one hilarious effort from France about Perrier. It shows a pair of woman's hands caressing a small bottle of Perrier. While she continues this, the bottle morphs into a liter bottle. There's more, but not for this blog. You have to see it for yourself. It's on You Tube, just check for French Perrier commercials and watch Culture Pub's Best Water Commercials. It's at the end.

*And finally, I sent an email to Vonage [which didn't get an answer] about one of it's new commercials. I told Vonage that 'Sucker Shmala' may be a good Indian or Pakistani name to show their World-Wide diversity, but it wasn't a good idea in the states for a commercial. It makes you think of 'small sucker', not a confidence inspiring moniker. Well, as I said, Vonage didn't answer me or hire me to write Vonage commercials, but the commercial noted in my email was taken off the tube and replaced with one with a less International flavor in the names. I wonder how many heads rolled due to my simple email?

*Is it just me, or does Paul McCartney look like an old woman? I mean I liked the Beatles when I was growing up, and the four of them looked okay back in the '60s. But he seems now to be an aging granny. Sad to see. I wonder if great wealth and renown make you look like that?

*It's a sign of aging when I see a film I never heard of, with a cast of people unknown to me, and cameos of people I never heard of. And the movie was absolutely terrible, yet it was given so great build-up by the station that you'd think it was an Oscar winner.

*Back on May 22 [the day after the end of the World], Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter announced that his MRI a day or two previously indicated three brain tumors. He'll have another [MRI] later this week. I sympathize with Gary and wish him well. Let's hope they're benign and non-growing. He then stated that he wanted privacy while he determined the extent of the tumors with his doctors and family. Well, if he wants privacy, why did he make the announcement? It's not like the ferreting press was going to find out about it soon. He's long retired, and he wasn't a superstar. Privacy means you keep your trap shut. He could have done that. Consequently, I don't think he wants privacy. He wants the World to know and sympathize with him.