Friday, September 24, 2010

Where's the Beef? - When You Need It?

*Some people want to know why I criticize the Democrats/Liberals and Obama all the time. Hey! It's not like it's a mission in life. I'd rather sit around and read Westerns. Sadly, though, we have a media that sits in the corner with the Democrats/Liberals and Obama and won't report the truth. Not enough Conservative writers are available to the general public, so I add what I can. And it's not so much criticizing as it is airing the truth about what is happening and what our representatives are up to. These guys are transparent all right. You can see straight through their lies, phony boasts, anti-Americanism, and utter incompetency. I'm not a loud voice, but I try always to write the truth about what's happening. As did Clara Peller, I just want to ask: 'Where's the beef?'

*When the Democrats concoct a bill and name it a 'reform' bill, you can be sure it isn't. The proof is not in the packaging or labeling, it's in the action. Nothing the Dems consider will ever be done if it hurts their own pockets [or those of the special interests they usually rail against or share a bed with---Unions, Muslims, the Liberal media, Government Motors] or goes contrary to picking the pockets of the American citizens. Once they tax and charge and fee and penalize the populace equal to its entire income, then what? It seems that's the only way to stop the Liberals, though they'd still borrow to fund even more 'reform'---and blame it on the Republicans, is to get rid of them. Any people out there who vote Democrat deserve the mess, but the rest of us don't. Let's go November!

*According to Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor [as seen through the eyes of leftist?] Michael Posner: "...we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination..." I guess that means that Hispanics [legal and illegal] and blacks will be favored everywhere just because of their race, and the 'possibility' of discrimination somewhere or sometime. Never mind the majority of Americans from Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Thailand, China, Japan etc.---or even the Indian {American and Asian] populations. The majority of Americans are the ones being discriminated against these days. Never mind need, decide things based on race so you can't be called a racist. And be sure to kowtow to Muslims in America [who train terrorists, condemn America, and threaten free speech] to show how tolerant you are of the intolerant, misogynistic 'religion of peace'---the latter being a misnomer if there ever was one. Like the old joke, it's a matter of 'piece', as in 'a piece of this and a piece of that' until even the left is locked out. How do like them apples, Mr Posner? Or should we call you an American apologist first and an American citizen second?

Isn't there a federal law against willfully damaging an antique in the public trust?

What kind of desk does the President sit behind in the Oval Office? It's the Resolute Desk, a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B Hayes in 1880---that's 130 years ago folks! Most Presidents have used it---whether in the Oval Office or their private studies---with the exception of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford. I don't know what they used, but I'm sure it wasn't orange crates.

HMS Resolution was a British ship of the Edward Belcher expedition looking for the Northwest passage. It became stuck and was abandoned in the ice---later found near Baffin Bay by the American whaler George Henry---James Buddington commanding. The US bought her, refitted her, and presented her to Queen Victoria on December 17, 1856 as a symbol of peace.

Years later, when it was broken up, the British Government had at least two desks made from the timbers of the Resolute by the cabinet makers at the Joiner's Shop of Chatham Dockyard. In 1880, they sent one---a partner's desk---to President Rutherford B Hayes as a thank you for rescuing and refitting HMS Resolute and returning it to Great Britain in 1856.

In any case, the Desk is an honored and valuable antique, a National treasure, and some say 'an icon of the Presidency.' For the most part, Presidents have treated it and the oval office with the respect due them. Until President Clinton and the latest fraud that is. Clinton used the Oval Office for his sexual trysts. Obama uses it as a lounge. [He routinely sits back in his chair with shod feet up on top of the desk.]

Can you think of any good reason why a servant of the people should treat American property and tradition as he does? Not only that, but he trashes the spirit, the sense of honor, the American economy, the American people, and the Constitution with impunity. He tries to socialize, Islam-a-size, and Communist-a-size the Country while defanging its defense and kowtowing to foreign potentates. You guys who voted for him should be hung up by your nose hairs. This President is a disgrace and insult to the American people.

*Felicity Cloake [UK Daily Mail, August 11, 2010] says: "The UN is considering strategies to cut levels of meat consumption worldwide [and replace the protein with---grubs and bugs?---] as part of its commitment to stamp out famine and cut global warming." Sure, shut down the production tasty and acceptable meat, which is a basic protein, and replace the loss with bugs? Does anyone have any idea how many jobs would be lost? It's not like people can be retrained to run 'bug farms.' Has anyone tested for bug flatulence lately? And who will take care of the cattle and horses thus unemployed? This is simply another inane idea from the leftist UN which still believes in man-made global warming. Does anyone think the UN officials are going to serve bugs at their state dinners? They should set an example you know.

*According to on August 16: "A Hamas leader says Muslims 'have to build' a mosque near ground zero." At last. Somebody agrees with Obama. He should be proud.

*As reported by CNS: "Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that Jesus’s Golden Rule inspired him to vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court" - This is another example of my losing respect and confidence in Lindsay Graham. He is proving to be a dangerous RINO, and he needs to go. Besides, the 'golden rule' is not even appropriate for the situation. If he needs a bible quote, how about this one: "Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple. 1 Corinthians 3 v 16-17" Kagan believes in abortion as a good thing guaranteed by the Constitution [it isn't---and it isn't a right in the moral sense either.] She should never have been voted in. What the Country needs is another sane voice in the Supreme Court, not another John Paul Stevens. Since Graham doesn't understand this, then he should be given the heave-ho!

*USA Today reports: "...Designed to thwart the reproduction, raising and sale of sick, deformed or otherwise less-than-healthy pets...lemon laws are more and more being used...[in re pets; to help recoup losses]...Because there's almost nothing worse than investing your emotions in a "perfect" puppy or kitten only to learn that it suffers from a debilitating, life-altering — or even deadly — disease." [Sound familiar?] So you get your money back. But what happens to the lemon-lawed pets? Are they destroyed? Of course. This is the whole idea. Perfect or else. Animal euthanasia is easy entry into the same for people. Just ask our seniors who are having Medicare cuts and less than reasonable treatment under the new health plan. Will lemon laws now migrate into the abortion debate? Will we be suing doctors for delivering less-than-perfect children? Will we then put them asleep---all as an extension of the spurious 'right' of abortion? You people who support killing babies are going to rue your words, votes, and positions more and more.

*Per the Washington Examiner of May 29: "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., blamed the Bush administration for any lack of oversight leading up to the Gulf oil spill." Per Fox News on August 13: "Embattled Rep. Maxine Waters on Friday blamed the Bush administration for her ethics problems." Per the Personal Liberty Digest of August 18: "During a 90-minute press conference, Representative Maxine Waters vehemently denied breaking House conflict-of-interest regulations by allegedly helping garner Federal support for a troubled bank that had close ties to her husband."

Per the Des Moines Register July 26 in re the Obama Stimulus money: "Goldman Sachs sent $4.3 billion in federal tax money to 32 entities, including many overseas banks, hedge funds and pensions, according to information made public..." Per the Wall Street Journal August 2: "...Obama is attempting to blame the [Bush and the] GOP for the U.S. economy’s current woes..." Per The Hill on May 25: "Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) on Tuesday said partial blame for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico lies with the Bush administration." Per the Daily Caller on February 6: "...Faced with mounting national opposition to his party’s platform, the President reminded voters the real reason the trillion-dollar stimulus package still hasn’t reduced unemployment to 8 percent as promised: Bush did it, and it’ll take a lot of time to undo it."

President Bush and his administration have been gone for some 19 months. At what point do Obama and the Congress [collective or individually] start taking the heat for their own actions in making a bad situation worse, fanning the flames, adding more fuel to the flames. When the House collapses or burns down, perhaps taking the incompetent Obama with it, will we continue to hear forever the his vocal: "I didn't do it with my little burned match sticks! Bush did it! Bush did it!---echoed by the dead and buried Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Dodd ad infinitum.

*It's time to tell the World we can't support them anymore. All the socialist, communist, and otherwise poorly run countries are going to have to fend for themselves for two or three years. Anyone asking for help thereafter is going to have to prove the need and the fact that it isn't going to waste it on banana governments. We will still be willing to buy goods at fair prices to help those growing countries shed their banana images.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrities, Shills/Lawyers

*Lawyers are proving again and again that they are basically unethical, and in many cases it goes to a corrupted state. Ads on TV now sound like fishing expeditions with the hope of finding a client to give them 30% or 40% of any settlement. I find this distressing. It seems the lawyers are checking every drug possible to examine the stated side effects around which to prepare a commercial---which will sound very serious and denigrate needed medications. For the most part, when patients take medication they are apprised of the side effects either by their doctors or the information inserts with each medication. -- 'Did you suffer injuries from tripping over your shoelaces? You may be entitled to financial compensation from the shoelace manufacturer [a sort of Aglet Case]---and if we don't win there, we'll go to the shoemaker. If you rent, we'll go to your landlord. And if all else fails, we'll sue you. We want to go to court and win. How is not a concern.'

In an effort to pay their ever-increasing staff, lawyers are suing everybody they can, whether frivolously or not. And since most medications and products have side effects and dangers that are clearly stated, their efforts are simply to get settlements and raise the cost of living for every patient in the US. They also clog the courts for the Attorneys' own purposes. I guess, they want everyone to live in bubbles and be secure from everything.

*I keep seeing these TV ads by Regions Bank. Can I get one of those green bicycles they're putting together?

*All celebrities and politicians should be required to wait until they're 65 before writing a memoir, and only until after an election for the President, Senators, and Representatives. And they can't cheat by hiring shills to write one for them. If young people want to get their points across, they should start taking notes. If they can't use them when they retire, later biographers can use them for a biography after the celeb overdoses. For one, I'm tired of seeing young teens and six year-olds write an autobiography [with a ghost of course.] They are usually looking to do something to cash in on their fifteen minutes before the end up on the trash heap. And I'm also tired of the no-brain contingent out there who buy and read these ridiculous things.

*This is in the ITT Tech TV commercial: "If you want something, go out and get it. Don't let anything stop you." This is great advice. It's how we create criminals. 'If you want it, take it.' Or a 60's hippy: 'If it moves, fondle it.'

*TV ads promote amoral activity in America. For example, lie to your daughter when you wore her dress [complete with flashbacks.] When she asks about it, deny culpability, dig it out of you hamper, launder it and sneak it back into her closet. And this mother is supposed to be a role model?

*There is a decided lack of talent with today's celebrities and wannabes. I've heard a number of them singing the National Anthem, and their voices are poor to middling without electronic enhancement and cover-up. Besides, a well known song like the Anthem is easily singable, and 90% of these singers don't know the words or the song music itself. It get's tiring to see them gum up the works. And on those occasions I see amateurs singing the Anthem and a slew of other songs, they handle them quite well, know the words, and understand the music.

*From the Wikipedia: "Bahá'í teachings state that God is too great for humans to fully comprehend, or to create a complete and accurate image of, by themselves. Therefore, human understanding of God is achieved through his revelations via his Manifestations." This comment is understandable in most Christian faiths. And it's a fine answer---if a somewhat limited one---to the scientists/atheists who still cling to the 'by chance' theory.

*Quaker State claims that its artificial oil is so superior that, when it needs changing it still exceeds the manufacturers specifications for new oil. I have questions. If it still exceeds manufacturers specs, why does it need changing? To make the consumer buy more? To increase the Quaker State profit line?