Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Are We?

[NB Our interview with Marcus Cicero is still in the works. His publicist, Veni Vidi Vici Octavius Boor, has been gumming up the works a bit, but we'll get past him to the real stuff.] Depressed and angry about the state of society today? It's hard not to be. From the recent News: "Radical leftists arrested in Chicago mob and hammer attack; 340lb Woman punches, pepper sprays, and spits on Piggly Wiggly workers in bid to steal food"; "Trayvon Martin day declared at DC school"; "Elderly clerk [set afire in robbery] dies of injuries"; Cannibalism comes to South Beach [Miami]"; "Texas honor student [working two jobs to support siblings] jailed for truancy likely spent night with 'hard-core' criminals"; "Home prices hit fresh lows..."; "Ohio Man Crashes Truck Into Taco Bell After His Drive-Thru Order Is Short One 99-Cent Taco". --- these are just samples of the everday events in the Country and World. The Socialists have taken control in France. Riots are rampant against the Greek Government---which is trying to save Greece with austerity measures after giving the store away for so many years. Countries like Spain, Italy and others are just hanging on to their existence and economies. Socialist policies [and the free lunch concept] are mainly responsible for these problems---along with the labor unions. Germany's Merkel has lost some of her power in recent elections. The US is economically near-terminal and being pushed down the slope to Socialism and Communism by the left's messiah, the Kenyan Obama. We have a President who's citizenship is under question, yet he won't release any records of his earlier life---birth or school. Vladimir Putin, the maybe-ex-KGB strongman, has taken over Russia again and is viciously stifling dissent. Russia tried Democracy but hasn't been able to hack it. And as it struggles to decide between Socialism/Communism and Democracy, it's headed towards tyranny again. The Muslim fundamentalists---while they are threatening Israel with annihilation--- are taking radical control of Egypt, Libia, Syria et al. Scotland Yard has sought and pressed to ban the word 'blacklist.' They say it's racist. The US is permitting Communist China to buy our Country's largest movie theater chain. Obama has unilaterally ceded Alaskan islands to Russia, complete with a number of vital resources. Little boys can't hug little girls. Kids can't operate lemonade stands without being raided by the local police. In order to fly in a commercial airplane, we have to submit to demeaning groping and insults. Last year, a youngster was thrown out of school for bringing an American Flag to school. The teacher thought the Mexican flag more appropriate on Cinquo de Mayo---in a US school. So the student was sent home as punishment. Another teacher called out a student for not having the correct items in his lunch bag. She confiscated it and made the kid eat chicken nuggets---billed to his parents. There was nothing wrong with his bag lunch. A 6-year-old girl down in Florida was "throwing objects, hitting administration personnel and screaming uncontrollably" [as six-tear olds are wont to do] so police handcuffed the 40 pound little girl and shipped her off to a mental institution for evaluation. [Paging Nurse Ratchett!] In New Haven, Connecticut a 10-year-old boy was actually arrested by police for giving another student "a wedgie" on a school bus. Seriously folks, childhood is being thwarted. PCism is running rampant throughout the US. The food police are active in our schools, the PC principals and administrators are banning everything from t-shirts to simple prayers while a kid is at school---but footbaths and prayer rooms for the Muslims are okay with them. Religion---especially Christianity---remains under attack from the schools and organizations like ACLU and the left coast. The Atheists force their views on the majority with the aid and abetting of Liberal Judges and the ACLU who regularly leave their brains at home. And now, the question of gay marriage has arisen again with the 'evolving' Obama in the lead. Marriage is between a man and a woman and is charged with procreation and raising of children. Perverted reasoning has become too commonplace. Down in Florida, an 11-year-old student was arrested by police, thrown in jail and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing a plastic butter knife to school. In Texas, a 12-year-old girl was recently arrested by police for spraying two bursts of perfume on her neck.  She was formally charged with a misdemeanor. A 13-year-old boy at a public school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently arrested by police for burping in class.  The police marched him out of school and hauled him over to a juvenile detention center. Eric Holder forces a school to allow a male to use the Ladies' Room because the male's a mixed-up male person who 'identifies' as a women. And he wants donations to get a sex change operation so he/she/it can feel better of him/her/it-self. A teenage couple down in Houston, Texas poured milk on each other during a squabble while they were breaking up a while back.  Instead of being sent to see the principal, they were arrested by police and sent to court. When a very young girl recently kissed a very young boy at one Florida elementary school,  it was considered to be a "possible sex crime" and the police were called out. Federal, State, and local governments are tripping over each to ban religion from the public by claiming 'separation of Church and State'---when in fact, there's no such thing in our Constitution. From Amendment One: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." That's it. Pretty simple in language, isn't it? Of course, if you're Muslim, the above doesn't apply. You can do whatever you want. A high school teacher warns a student that any criticism of Obama can get him arrested. "They did it when Bush was President," she said. They certainly didn't. We still have some free speech left. The class argument---with the loud, brassy teacher's voice in the forefront, went viral on the Internet. The teacher should be fired immediately for incompetence---never mind the PC crapola about 'investigating the situation' that thousands of others already know. Neo-NAZIs and Fascists are gaining strength, especially in our back woods where they train. While these people are rightly vilified for their violence and intimidation---the black bands and gangs, the Black Panthers, and such are fine and dandy with the Liberals. It's just white power that is anathema to them. And it's time for people to fully understand that these groups are leftist, not right wing. The fiction of a right-wing strongman is just that---fiction. NAZIs even have Socialist as part of their name. Despotism and Dictatorship are left wing events. Racism is being fanned by the self-appointed black leaders who have a track record of racism and inciting to riot and loot when they don't get their own way. They fan the flames whatever the facts---primarily to justify their own existences. And too many blacks follow them blindly. Too many in the media give them forums to advance their racism and hatred. They call themselves 'Reverends', yet they have no formal training nor do they act as ministers in the common sense. They only inflame hatred to garner pay-offs to fill their bank accounts. [Can anyone say Jesse Jackson or Tawana Brawley?] A fellow named Zimmerman [a Hispanic] was attacked by a fellow named Martin [a black], and the latter was shot for his thuggery Blacks and Liberals went wild. Racism! Murder! even though the facts of the case showed otherwise. But, since when have Liberals tempered their comments with real facts? So, the Black 'leaders' went into rant phase. Obama joined in calling Trayvon the son he never had. Other big-name Liberals joined the party. Now, Groups of blacks [mostly in 'hoodies'] attack whites [who had nothing to do with event] simply for being white and in an area the blacks don't want them in---like anyplace in public or private. An innocent white woman was beaten at a McDonalds drive thru by two black women and a black man calling out 'here's your grape soda.' Where are the cries of racism! Hatred! Ya ain't gonna hear them! Because the victims are white and the Liberals are not going to support them in any racial issue. Meanwhile, the normal, good people of the World continue to be oppressed by such as these. The attacks on Capitalism and good sense are common, too many Countries are near collapse with the great Social Give-Aways they've been practicing. Communism has ruined Cuba and Venezuela and North Korea---and other Socialized and religious-led Countries have shown the World objects of failure. Yet, no one seems to learn from the economic failures and oppression of citizens so shown on the World stage. They want to give away more and more money that they don't have. In the US, this policy has run up almost $5 trillion in deficits for the three and a half years of Obama-ism, higher and higher taxes, attacks on religion [but not Islam] and Capitalism, well drilling, etc. There's the creation of a 'Nanny State,' where the Government controls education, religion, the workplace, the home, and all our futures. We're going down in flames as the Democrats call for more and more taxes to secure the welfare state and their control of it. Were those things not in existence, our Country might be on the way to recovery. In the US, peaceful groups of the Tea Party are declared by the Left to be treasonous and violent, while the Leftist-supported Occupy movement tears our cities apart with violence, rape, and murder---and get the support of Democrats, notably the President. Countries threaten their neighbors with hatred, racism, and bellicose minds---North Korea, Iran, etc. They rush to put Nuclear weapons in their arsenals---why? Nobody is threatening their existence with the nukes. The problem is, too many of these Countries [mainly Iran and North Korea] are run by madmen, while their own citizens perish along the way. We have to work for responsible Government to HELP us in this life, manageable taxes, personal responsibility, and yes, family values---or what's left of them. We have to work with each other---with Liberals too---to live in peace and prepare ourselves for the afterlife---there is one, you know. But, don't give in to depression. We can turn it all around. Take the bull by the horns, use your honest vote to oust Obama and Company, and maybe we can get America back on track---and our kids can have their childhoods restored. It won't be easy, but we can do it.