Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The End of Fair and Accurate Reporting?

I have recently come to the conclusion that FOX has nearly finished its transformation into another example of the Liberal press. My source for news has now turned against me and other Conservatives seeking truth and fairness in the press---and not only with the growing leftist bias of stories, but with that of the opiners and the demise of the comment sections---where Conservative writers would be giving FOX hell for the changes. In true Liberal style, this Conservative dissent has been ignored and prevented from being posted. I can't find any articles or stories on the FOX site that I can post a comment on. Instead, the bottom of the page where the story ends has an ad for AOL, another Liberal outlet. Rupert Murdoch has turned to mush and let truth down. FOX doesn't even list Ann Coulter, Walter Williams, or Thomas Sowell as a opinion columnists anymore---the latter two are black Conservatives. My questioning and dissenting emails sent to Fox remain unanswered---apparently ignored completely. Is there anything out there in media-land protecting the truth anymore? Have the Liberals completed their sweep? They've had the schools from grammar to post graduate for years---we see the results of that daily. Without the old FOX and the sane, Conservative commenters, I'm no longer sure of stories heard or read or of if we can unseat the Democrats in November and return our Country to a path of fairness and economic success. Our Country seems destined to die a death of Third Worldism and economic disaster. The Liberals are finally bringing our Country to its knees. I'm going to visit the minor web sites with the truth posted more and more as it may help me. But I'm growing pessimistic about the USA and it's ability to clean house and recover from the Liberal treachery and its preferred, Communistic way of governing. I hope the rest of the old FOX readers will help overcome this with some action on the Republican/Conservative front. Our lives and those of our children and grandchildren depend on it.