Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Circa Today

Why do insurance companies peddle their wares claiming they 'protect your life?' They do nothing of the kind. Vaccinations, insulin, antibiotics, Doctors, Nurses, bullet-proof vests, etc. protect your life. Life insurance is essentially gambling. With you're premiums, you're betting that your funeral and heirs will be taken care of financially, but it won't cost you much, and you can spend the bulk of your money any way you want during your life. The life insurance companies are betting that you'll survive long enough to cover most of the policy's face value and allow them to invest your premium money for income. All in all, the companies don't plan on losing, and you have the usual incentives to prolong your life [who really wants to die?] So, it isn't surprising that the insurance companies will play hardball with some estates for people who have suspicious deaths.

"Life is too precious not to protect." A decidedly misleading statement when you really think about it.
How can a condensed soup brand advertise that it's so comfortably thick and cooked without extra water, thus improving the taste of a soup? Doesn't the manufacturer know that the can's instructions tell you to add a can of water? It seems to me that's a pretty feeble and misleading ad.
TV commercials are often hilarious. The powers-that-be scheduling of each commercial during the prevalent three minute break can sometimes be laughable. For instance, there was an ad for Phillips OTC medicine for colon health, to help us with those sometimes difficult times in our digestive system.

So, naturally, the next commercial was for Pizza Hut---and not just plain pizza, but the 'Panormous' pizza [guaranteed to give everyone heartburn.] And often, this type of commercial is followed by a Jennie Craig or Nutri-Systems advertisement.

I think I'll insure my soup and pizza against being eaten.