Monday, June 25, 2007

And Shmoo to You Too

Pacifism as usually practiced today in the Liberal/Democrat philosophy reminds me greatly of Al Capp's Shmoos.

Born August 31, 1948, the Shmoo was almost exterminated because it refused to fight back against any danger whatsoever. And, wow, was it ever friendly! If you looked hungry, it would jump into a frying pan for you---after which it would taste like chicken; baked it would taste like roast beef; raw like oysters. It was no physical threat to anyone, reproducing asexually [the feminists would like that], and only using air for sustenance.

Sound familiar? It should. The Democrat/Liberal version of pacifism is leading us right down the road to the historic Valley of the Shmoon. Cute maybe, responsible no.

We have the freedoms endowed to us by our Creator and guaranteed by our Government as set out in the US Constitution. Our lives are detailed from day to day in accordance with the laws enacted through the judicious use of that Constitution: our guaranteed freedoms include free speech; right to bear arms; freedom against incriminating ourselves; freedom from slavery; right to a speedy trial; trial by jury; etc. And we had to fight hard to be able to guarantee these freedoms with reasonable surety, and we sure as h*e*l*l are going to fight to retain them. While admirable in itself, Pacifism generally leads to defeatism and cultural destruction on a National level. That's an historically proven conclusion.

The "rights" to privacy and abortion [murder] are not enumerated in the Constitution, despite what so many shmoos want us to believe, and we're going to continue to point that out. Privacy is handled nicely through the Bill of Rights, and abortion---being murder---has no business being in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or actuality of our daily lives.

We must have responsibility and the will to defend our liberties. Pacifism doesn't allow for this, and a pacifist nation will only go under the thumb of whatever aggressor gets the best idea first. Sometimes war is required to preserve our rights and lives, for after all everyone is human and subject to the human frailties of greed, power-lust, evil purpose, and extermination. We must defend ourselves against such peoples. And if a war is not legally in progress, we must be aware of potential dangers from foreign and domestic sources, and nip them in the bud before they endanger our lives.

Reasonable people can disagree about the 'how' part of carrying out our responsibilities, but they should not be fighting against them in principle. The latter is what the 'peace-loving' Liberals/Democrats are doing, and they should be thoroughly drummed out of all political power which would enable them to pursue their paths to the Valley of the Shmoon and oblivion.

I don't usually post political essays to this blog, and I promise not to do it too often. But, I particularly liked Al Capp and the Shmoos, so I felt like posting this here as well as my Townhall political blog would be satisfying to me, and maybe to you.