Sunday, November 04, 2012

From Community Organizer in Corrupt Illinois to President of the United States

These excerpts are from ''The Roots of Obama's Rage'' by Dinesh D'Souza, 2010, a NY Times bestseller.  They summarize quite well, what point we have reached in America and how.  Please read and understand before you vote.


p 128: ...begin...Obama is a miracle story in American politics.  How do you go from local politics in Illinois in 2004 to being a United States Senator from that state and a national celebrity at the Democratic Convention that same year, and President of the United States four years later?  Not only did Obama impress by winning; it was the way he did it.  in a sense, he rose above the field.  He became a genuine National and indeed a Global celebrity, a status that very few men---Gandhi and Mandela come to mind---have achieved on the World stage.  He flummoxed his critics, who flailed against him, and he stirred powerful emotions in his supporters, emotions that even they could not fully account for.  He inspired giddy excitement in the mainstream media; much of the coverage of his campaign read like press releases issued by his campaign.  It is Obama who is responsible for creating the Obama Choir, those hypnotized followers who routinely suspend their rationality when it comes to this political rock star.  Somehow the man consumed by the wars and hatreds of the World far away became, in a very different context, the embodioment of hope and aspiration for tens of millions of people who cheered for him and voted for him...


pp198-9: ...But the real situation is actually more incredible than Clinton ever imagined.  We are today living out the script for America and the World that was dreamt up not by Obama but by Obama's father.  how do I know this?  Because Obama says so himself.  Reflect for a moment on the title of his book: it's not ''Dreams of My Father'' but rather ''Dreams From My Father.''  In other words, Obama is not writing a book about his father's dreams; he is writing a book about the dreams that he got from his father...

...Think about what this means.  The most powerful country in the World is being governed according to the dreams of a Luo tribesman of the 1950s---a polygamist who abandoned his wives, drank himself into stupors, and bounced around on two iron legs (after his real legs had to be amputated because of a car crash), raging against the World for denying him the realization of his anti-colonial ambitions.  This philandering, inebriated African Socialist is now setting the Nation's agenda through the incarnation of his dreams in his son.  The son is the one who is making it happen, but the son is, as he candidly admits, only living out his father's dream.  The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done.  America today is being governed by a ghost...

...Now we can understand why President Obama seems so distant, detached, and even bored.  This is not merely a matter of ''acting white.''  It is also the result of Obama living in his time machine.  Obama inhabits a World of memories that harken back to continents far away and wars long ago.  It is a World of marauding colonial armies and guerillas hiding in the Aberdare mountains.  It is a World of pageantry and broken dreams...end


It is a World in which we Americans are becoming Third World Countries at the mercy of our former adversaries.  Where we, the former strongest Economy and greatest Democracy in the World are being led to play second fiddle to practically everyone as Socialism, Communism and Islam take over and fight for the World.  It is a scary future!

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