Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Democrats, Fried Chicken Nuggets, and the Muslims

"Unfortunately, the Democratic Party of today bears no resemblance to the one I remember from my youth in a blue collar New Jersey neighborhood...It has been hijacked by left-wing ideologues who will say anything, do anything, right or wrong to enhance their power even at the expense of democracy and the rule of law." -- Lawrence Sellin, PhD in Family Security Matters
A TV commercial: "She had jewelry she never wore. So she brought it down to Fast Eddie. 'He gave me more money than anyone else.'" --- Well.....How much money did other people give you, and why aren't they in possession of the jewelry? Why would Fast Eddie give you money for jewelry that was already sold to someone else?

[This picture has nothing to do with the article, but I owned a 1965 Mustang---though mine was blue.

Although the jury and lawsuits are still out about the controversy of HFCS [High Fructose Corn Syrup] v Sugar, one can't help but notice that while some kids are allergic to HFCS, they are not allergic to sugar [either cane or beet.] If the two substances are the same, as the Corn companies tell us, this couldn't happen. Could it? The Corn companies are still battling lawsuits concerning their 'HFCS is the same as Sugar in your body. Ask a couple of overweight people about it.
Rebekah Speight sure has time on her hands. She's got this chicken nugget [I wonder how much money and investigation and eating she went through to find it] that vaguely looks like the George Washington representation on the quarter. [Actually, it does bear an uncanny resemblence to a Colonial, not necessarily George Washington---anyway, after a few weeks it'll shrink as it decomposes.] Some jerk actually bid $8,100 on Ebay for it. But when he won it? He chickened out. Now, it's out there again---along with similar nuggets said to represent Mozart, Santa Clause, Jay Leno, Elvis, Chelsea Handler, and the Easter Bunny. [Well, I'm here to say I know the Easter Bunny, and the chicken nugget isn't him!] None of the others actually looks like what they're said to resemble---even when the owner has taken pen with ink to assist in the depiction---though I'm not familiar with the name Chelsea Handler.
Let's see? Another TV commercial: That Mayhem fellow only appears in Allstate commercials. And he only seems to damage things NOT under an Allstate insurance policy. Besides, his paycheck comes from Allstate. So, based on the information provided, I can only see that Mayhem occurs in non-Allstate created by an Allstate employee. In other words, buy Allstate or else.

Don't assume I'm anti-Allstate [I'm just anti-stupid commercial.] The other advertising insurance companies are just as dumb in their commercials. They think all Americans are stupid and swayed by their shenanigans on videotape.

[A hundred years ago on April 10]

In retrospect of my last entry, here are the words to the song 'Colors', as performed by April Smith and the Great American Picture Show in the recent Lowes commercial---you know, the one with the paint colors swirling and dancing all over the landscape.

"I’ll wear your colors my dear
Until you’re standing right here
Next to the one who adores you
Whose heart is beating for you
Like a lighthouse guides a shipwrecked sailor safely from the sea
I’ll wear your colors til you come back home to me."
A thoughful approach to the dangers of the Muslims: I don't think Islam qualifies for any name other than a terror cult filled with hate and violence. Just read the Koran---and not just the early parts of peace that are preempted by the latter parts. This World situation with the Muslims is more serious than the Nazis or Communists because of the insidious invasions under the blind eyes of our so-called 'leaders.' Obama was born of a Muslim father, was a Muslim child in a Muslim school in Indonesia, spent twenty years listening to the hate speech from Jeremiah Wright, and calls domestic terrorists and their supporters his long-standing friends. As President, he kowtows before foreign potentates [mostly Muslim,] apologizes to for the existence of the USA to practically any Country demanding it, claims there is no terrorism and Jihad is acceptable, and promoted the construction of a conquest Mosque near Ground Zero. Obama is pushing this Country regularly towards a second revolution against the Government---and not from the freaks from the Occupy movements---a government that no longer represents the people---that is if he doesn't bankrupt the Country first. And his political party not only give him everything he wants, but go further with their remarks and actions. Oh, sweet November, please hurry and save us!

Also remember that the Muslims were violent right from their beginning in the 7th Century. Just read the Koran and other Muslim Holy Books. These violent and hatred based invasions are not new. In 732, the Muslim conquest was stopped by Charles Martel in mid France. In 1683 [September 11, by the way], the Muslims were stopped in Vienna by the King of Poland. The Muslims have always been taught to hate and conquer non-believers, treat other-than-Muslims as second class citizens, promote misogynism, and lie to achieve their ends. And this was started long before the US came into being. Wake up America! there. All Muslim Mosques should be closed because of their terrorist teachings and hate speech. This is all a case of American security and protection and not freedom of religion. You clowns down in Washington are supposed to protect us from terrorism and sedition, both foreign and domestic. Where's Charles Martel when we need him?

By the way, these are all factual comments. As Casey Stengel used to say, "You can look them up!"

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