Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrities, Shills/Lawyers

*Lawyers are proving again and again that they are basically unethical, and in many cases it goes to a corrupted state. Ads on TV now sound like fishing expeditions with the hope of finding a client to give them 30% or 40% of any settlement. I find this distressing. It seems the lawyers are checking every drug possible to examine the stated side effects around which to prepare a commercial---which will sound very serious and denigrate needed medications. For the most part, when patients take medication they are apprised of the side effects either by their doctors or the information inserts with each medication. -- 'Did you suffer injuries from tripping over your shoelaces? You may be entitled to financial compensation from the shoelace manufacturer [a sort of Aglet Case]---and if we don't win there, we'll go to the shoemaker. If you rent, we'll go to your landlord. And if all else fails, we'll sue you. We want to go to court and win. How is not a concern.'

In an effort to pay their ever-increasing staff, lawyers are suing everybody they can, whether frivolously or not. And since most medications and products have side effects and dangers that are clearly stated, their efforts are simply to get settlements and raise the cost of living for every patient in the US. They also clog the courts for the Attorneys' own purposes. I guess, they want everyone to live in bubbles and be secure from everything.

*I keep seeing these TV ads by Regions Bank. Can I get one of those green bicycles they're putting together?

*All celebrities and politicians should be required to wait until they're 65 before writing a memoir, and only until after an election for the President, Senators, and Representatives. And they can't cheat by hiring shills to write one for them. If young people want to get their points across, they should start taking notes. If they can't use them when they retire, later biographers can use them for a biography after the celeb overdoses. For one, I'm tired of seeing young teens and six year-olds write an autobiography [with a ghost of course.] They are usually looking to do something to cash in on their fifteen minutes before the end up on the trash heap. And I'm also tired of the no-brain contingent out there who buy and read these ridiculous things.

*This is in the ITT Tech TV commercial: "If you want something, go out and get it. Don't let anything stop you." This is great advice. It's how we create criminals. 'If you want it, take it.' Or a 60's hippy: 'If it moves, fondle it.'

*TV ads promote amoral activity in America. For example, lie to your daughter when you wore her dress [complete with flashbacks.] When she asks about it, deny culpability, dig it out of you hamper, launder it and sneak it back into her closet. And this mother is supposed to be a role model?

*There is a decided lack of talent with today's celebrities and wannabes. I've heard a number of them singing the National Anthem, and their voices are poor to middling without electronic enhancement and cover-up. Besides, a well known song like the Anthem is easily singable, and 90% of these singers don't know the words or the song music itself. It get's tiring to see them gum up the works. And on those occasions I see amateurs singing the Anthem and a slew of other songs, they handle them quite well, know the words, and understand the music.

*From the Wikipedia: "Bahá'í teachings state that God is too great for humans to fully comprehend, or to create a complete and accurate image of, by themselves. Therefore, human understanding of God is achieved through his revelations via his Manifestations." This comment is understandable in most Christian faiths. And it's a fine answer---if a somewhat limited one---to the scientists/atheists who still cling to the 'by chance' theory.

*Quaker State claims that its artificial oil is so superior that, when it needs changing it still exceeds the manufacturers specifications for new oil. I have questions. If it still exceeds manufacturers specs, why does it need changing? To make the consumer buy more? To increase the Quaker State profit line?

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