Sunday, May 09, 2010

Here We Go Again!

No, I didn't dry up and blow away. I've been through some of the travails of life. For several weeks I had the flu. For several more weeks I tried to nurse my computer back to health. But I failed. And so did my hard drive. I lost a lot of data I forgot [or couldn't find] to back up as well. Thus I spent time in search and recovery---and recovered nada. Dell sent me a new hard drive, but didn't install it as I had been led to believe. By the time [which by the way, was progressing day by day] we got it installed, I was far behind in my reconstruction of what data I could figure out. Some of the lost data included much from my mail program and the data base I was using for my blogs. Thus, the delay in writing more blogs. I've researched and have made sure all of my important data is now being backed up [called shutting the barn door after the horse in gone] where I can find it. But since I lost all my blogging notes, I'm pretty much starting from scratch. Politically, everything's going the way I expected, so I should still have plenty to write about. For my personal blogs, life still has its quirks to write about. I'll be back soon with more important thoughts.

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