Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Diametrically Opposed??

A short while ago, an old and dear friend of mine offered the opinion that he and I are 'politically diametrically opposed?'  He's a liberal/democrat, and I'm a Conservative/Republican.

My friend as you know, words have meanings.  'Diametrically opposed' indicates we are at extreme ends away from each other.  You can refer to yourself however you want, but please don't refer to me as extreme.  I am not---though I know that liberals/democrats usually refer to people who disagree with them as 'extreme' and 'dangerous.'

Case in point:  I don't support abortion in any way.  I don't believe people---good or not---can just up and slap God's face [putting another thorn in His crown] in their support of baby murder.  After all, that's what it is.  And it's especially barbaric when it's done near the end of a pregnancy or in partial live-birth.  A doctor or abortionist and a woman have no right to play God and determine life and death for an innocent baby---whatever the reason.  It particularly irks me when I see the liberals/democrats in Facebook post remarks that they depend on God in good and bad times---but they slap Him in the face when they abort their babies for personal or political reasons or vocally support those who do---using their wimpy and spurious revelation of 'a woman's right to choose' [aka murder.]

BTW ---> [Impressive pro-abortion activity, n'est pas?]

What if you and your wife had decided parenthood was too much for you lo those many years ago and aborted your two children?  They and their successes wouldn't exist.  Would that have improved your life?  Would you not have had pain for these many years for not knowing who they might have been or shared love with them? 

So, does that mean that you support 'marriage' between two perverts or murder and death of innocent babies---both slaps in the face of God?  Or that abortion is wrong for you but okay for others?  Or are we not diametrically opposed after all? 

Please read the next link which shows the summary of the Pope's first Encyclical.


I support the Constitution of the United States.  I don't stomp on it for political gain.  I believe in free speech; the right to bear arms; the concept that 'Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted [especially against the kids you read about every day in relation to the gun hysteria]; and the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.  And not to obama.

I believe and agree with the abolition of slavery and in the suffrage of women, and the restriction to two terms for the President.  But, I must confess to disagreeing with the age 18 right to vote.  It's too young, especially in light of the poor education provided by public school and the liberal slant on all teaching.  [You can't be 'free' or 'responsible' if you're brainwashed.]  And so many people between 18-21 have proven me right.  Our 18 and the modern 18 are years apart.  Most importantly, I believe in God, and I have faith in the majority of the American citizens to wade through liberal/democrat crapola and returning to the course originally set by the Founding Fathers.  We cannot exist or move forward in Civilization as we are constituted now.  The current and recent politicians and political parties no longer represent Americans.  They should be replaced, and Education returned to the home and local areas to insure we teach our youngsters instead of just spending $billions and moving them along.

So, are you opposed to all this?  Your friend obama and his cohorts are opposed to most of what I believe in.  They stomp on rights every day.  With the present administration, our economy is gone, our healthcare system is in the process of being destroyed, incompetence in the Administration [top to bottom] is daily more and more apparent, public debt is sky high, spending is sky high, spying on citizens runs rampant, the IRS is used to help squash Conservatives at every opportunity and Senate democrats are loading pork expenditures on every bill in sight---including the anti-American amnesty bill.

And now obama, unconstitutionally delays implementation of a particularly heinous provision of obamacare [the American healthcare system and economy destroyer] so that it doesn't take effect and destroy too many companies and thousands of more jobs before the 2014 elections.  Afterwards is okay by him.

And you support this administration?  We're diametrically opposed, remember.  You don't mind arresting little kids for having a Lego gun [about an inch long] or a pastry that appears to be the shape of a gun?  Or others for wearing t-shirts or mentioning God or displaying a cross symbol?  You think expulsion or jail for these kids is the right thing to do?  It's not the Conservatives doing these things.

Many hundreds of thousands of men and women died to create and preserve this country called America.  Their willingness to give their blood for our future can't be denied.  Abortion, stomping on the Constitution, crooked politicians, uneducated and unaware voters ['I'm voting for obama; he gave me a free cell phone; I'm voting for the free things'<---actual voters---="">or "I'm voting for obama because he's black], faulty foreign policy, communism, outrageous spending, bloated government lying, corrupt politicians at all levels, voting more than once, dead people voting, spying on our citizens---these are not what our fathers and grandfathers gave their lives for.

Do you think that granting asylum to a family that just wants to home school their kids is wrong as well?  Germany believes that only government-run schools are permissible for children.  Holder and obama [and Hitler and Stalin] believe[d] the same thing [public school education: teens can't speak or read; schoolchildren don't know anything about their representation or government in any way; can't learn about or see a picture of God or the Commandments or anything on morality; sex between students and teachers has often led to pregnancy; rampant gangs and racism; the students and teachers spend time patting each other on the back; Ayres and Alinsky 101], and obama opposes the asylum for parents who want to control their kids' education.  The DOJ advocates treating home schoolers and truants in the same criminal way.

Too many random interviews of the products of our public schools show profound ignorance of our Country and its history.  We declared Independence from China!  Mexico!  The date? November 2; 1842; 1978; 1974; 1874; 1914.  Signers include Jack Lemmon and Jesse Ventura.  Why do we celebrate July 4?  Blank stares; independence from China or Mexico, et al?  But such educational results are more important for 'diversity' than having kids actually learning something at home.  Really?

But asylum for the invasion of lawbreakers from the south?---you know, the people who sneak in our Country to collect welfare and laze about without learning English or obeying laws---is supported with no question by our President---mostly for the democrat voters he expects from among them.

You have different beliefs about these situations?  Please explain with details.

What about the IRS disaster?  Or the NSA?  You still believe obama knew nothing and there was no 'policy' of intimidation?  Is he like Sgt Schultz?  And Benghazi, and the travesty in Egyptian policy?  You actually believe obama, Hillary and Kerry and Holder and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Sebelius and Big Sis and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the numerous other liars and socialists in Washington now?  In fact, IRS Lois Lerner [with her big ego and arrogance] is ready to name names---if she's given immunity.  And those saps in the House will probably give it to her instead of throwing her butt in jail.  I'm not a big fan of deals like this.  Especially in this case, the case of the most corrupt, lying, anti-American, socialist spendthrift, tyrannical, Constitution-stomping Presidential Administration we've ever suffered under.  The proof is all around you.

But, if we're diametrically opposed, then none of this is true.  I must be making it all up because the economy is booming, unemployment is low, public debt is decreasing, personal freedom has never been stronger, and I don't like our savior, obama?

C'mon my friend.  I don't think you've reached the level of a Doctorate by knowingly soaking up all this crapola from obama and the democrats---all while obama hides his past and lies about what has been uncovered.  I have two WH released pictures [below] of obama or obama and family that have been obviously photo-shopped for his advantage---just like his supposed birth certificate.  One was on his FB website.  When the photo-shopping was discovered and aired, the photo was removed from his page.

So, please, tell me what you do believe in about the above?  How does demonstrable truth make me an extremist?  And, in light of recent liberal/democrat excesses and crime, how is it you're still a liberal/democrat 

[I have two photos of obama and obama and family obviously photo-shopped for the White House benefit.  But, Blogger won't let me post the pictures.  Why?  I don't know.]

1] obama's mother, Stanley, showing her black hand and wrist around her son.  Speculation is that the picture actually showed Frank Marshall, the communist-obama mentor, who was removed and replaced by a picture of Stanley.  Yet another great White House photo-shop.

2] The obamas exiting Air Force One showing Michelle's three hands.  Thanks White House for protecting the President---who probably isn't getting along with Michelle.  Another great White House photo-shop.

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