Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Beijing Olympics and Dunkin' Donuts

The Olympics have been spectacular so far, but then they always seem to be, don't they? It takes me several days to get the bug to see the coverage, but I ultimately do. And this year, I found that if I keep the television on with the sound off while I work on the computer, I can follow the NBC coverage much easier. And I don't have to listen to the---sometimes inane---comments.

And you can't miss anything. If it's important, NBC will replay it over and over and over and over 'till the cows come home. And its website will have highlights anyway. Add the promos and self promoting intros, and you will be seeing true athletic events only about half the time. It's much easier to watch it on the NBC or Yahoo websites---which I do. The commentary isn't so evident, and other than the first commercial, you don't have interruptions.

For live coverage, I've seen interruptions at important times to get in a commercial. With a replay you won't miss anything, but live events come across at a loss to the viewer. It must be intellectually challenged individuals who make the decision to cut in for commercials at ridiculous times.

Besides, the websites often give the results before NBC airs the events. It saves us in the personal tension and anxiety areas, for sure. It's only rarely you see the 'Live' near the NBC logo at the upper right corner anyway.

I sent an email to NBC Sports and asked it to insure the camera angle on Bob Costas was changed. I was tired of seeing the big picture of Mao Tse-Tung in the background. I think I see an improvement, but I can still see the picture at times.

Does anyone else think the Bird's Nest stadium looks like a toilet seat from above? It makes you wonder when the architect got his idea.

I'm not a runner. Never have been. But, I think modern decisions to follow, intermix, and lead the runners with cars, trucks, and motorcycles, adversely affects the lung functions of those trying to run a race. I also saw the photographers crossing the race paths between runners. How the hell do they expect runners---or walkers---to concentrate?

With the allegations of faked opening cermonies and phony ages of Chinese participants, the glosses of terrific efforts seem tarnished. How much of the opening ceremonies was real and how much was faked? 'Only her hairdresser knows for sure.'

Some of the Chinese gymnasts were amazing, but they also looked young enough for mid grammar school, missing baby teeth and all. The Olympic officials should do the right thing, but I fear that they will fall prey to political correctness and let the Chinese get away with it. But if the USA were the offending nation, there would be sanctions and medal strippings by the dozens---even without proof.

Now to Dunkin' Donuts. I tried the new eggwhite sandwich yesterday. I've seen the commercial on television so often, I think we're old friends. For my first trial, I chose the sausage type.

The sandwich was actually quite good, but the sodium content was very high at some 860mg. And, I couldn't discern any sausage in the sandwich. The sign at the drive-in was posted $2.99, but I was charged $3.99. This difference didn't register at first, but when it did there wasn't much I could do about it. I'm dependent on others for rides since I no longer drive [$$$$$$$:) :)], and I don't know how I'll resolve the problem. By the time I get to the store again, I'll be old and gray [er.]

So, when I got home, I hungered for more. I used the new Eggbeaters with yolk to make another sandwich. I had to hold my desires in check, as I could have eaten several more.

The Olympics aren't quite over yet, so I expect to have other observations. Please stay tuned and try the eggwhite sandwiches!

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