Friday, July 02, 2004

Fourth of July

Indeed, the Fourth of July holiday provides many memories. Chief among those is the memory of picnics with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Ethel. Mom and Aunt Ethel would talk the day away while Dad, Uncle Tommy and I would spend the day at pinochle---with or without a kitty, it didn't matter. We enjoyed it. There was familial bonding, and the holiday passed too fast. Mary Anne and Connie Anne spent the day at they're own activities. Young girls were young girls at the time, and I never worried about them---especially when they were close relatives.

The grilled hamburgers and hot dogs were only an addition to the important activities. We enjoyed them and we enjoyed the salads and specialties, but we didn't live for the food, we lived for the game.

And each game had a summary from all players. "I knew you had the ace of hearts, so I held back on the trump." Yes, only a few comments, but they ended each hand. And a new deal meant a new chance. The gambling instinct in all of us held bay.

O, how I miss those days of pleasure and gaming.

This Fourth of July will bring back the days of yore, and I wish they were still current. A young man with the familial adults in a pleasurable activity. It doesn't get any better.

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